Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome To EMS Fan Club

ASALAMULAIKUM .... To All Beloved Fan Club Member ... you invited to been our member and ur Join our benefit in our fan ...

Start JANUARY 2009 Our Fan will invite our fan to join a Model & dance class.
end of the years our fan will provide a cert from EMS to all member that ur will success with model& dance class ... in 1 years can"t a sign a contract with other company. because when ur join our fan club, ur join other company and intake any job from them ... our fan also finding the job our fan with model& dance cateria

this fees join fan club

Fanclub Membership -RM 50.00 per years
DANCE Class -RM 840.00 Per years
MODELING Class -RM 840.00 Per Years
Makeup Class - Waiting Price

Interrest plz email to execellent_model@yahoo.com / fmrglobal.group@gmail.com

Website fmrglobalgroup.blogspot.com click EMS Fan Club

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